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Gone, But Never Forgotten

Highwood's Diamond Gypsy "Bumper" (1997-2011)

Bumper passed away on November 1, 2011 at 14 years and three months of age.
Bumper and her pal, Bobblehead

Bumper's grandsire was Rocky's Rage x Housty Samson and she was out of a Windmillwood daughter. Her grand-dam on the topside was Tina's Sadie of Quest x Rocky's Quest and a Sunrise Zinger daughter.

Bumper was always a hard hunting dog with an incredible drive and a great nose. As she aged, some of her greatest joys were to swim in the pond and sleep next to me on the couch. To the end of her days, she still loved putting her nose to the ground, flushing every bird she could find, and retrieving every bird shot.

Beau Tae's Harvest, April 25th, 2002 - May 4th, 2009

On May 4th, 2009, our beloved Tae died suddenly of, as yet, undetermined causes.
Jay and Tae

This is my husband, Jay, with Tae on his very
first hunt. Tae was just 5-1/2 months old when he
flushed four birds on opening day: two sharptail
grouse, a rooster and a hen. Jay shot the rooster
and one sharpy. Tae was a little confused about
retrieving them but he did take us right to them.
He was never confused on retrieving since.

Tae was our dependable "brush dog" who loved nothing better than to dive into the willow thickets looking for grouse or running pheasants. He spurned stubble fields in favor of the thick stuff, preferring to bull his way through the rough, rather than finesse open land. He had a keen nose, a soft mouth and an honest retrieve.

His sister was appropriately named Beau Tae's Little Sister, as she was the only female in their litter. Little Sis and Tae were inseparable and we often joked that they shared a brain cell. We always said that whenever they were separated, she got the brain cell.

As much as we dearly loved Tae, he was not the brightest crayon in the box, but he was devoted, loving and entertaining. Tae was also known as "Surfer Dude" because the hair on top of his head would stick straight up and bleach out in the sun.
Tae taught a friend's 14 year old son how to hunt.

Tae was buried in our pasture, above the creek he loved to swim in. He'll be with us forever in our hearts.

Jay and Gail Ledbetter

Tae's Story by Gail Ledbetter published on
Spaniel Journal

Gail and Jay Ledbetter

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